Universe Training Academy (UTA) is a branch of Universe Investment which organizes different training and short courses. UTA is ranked first in provision of impactful short courses in different domains, mainly:

Graphic Design short courses:

   1. Introduction to Graphic Design and Illustrations
   2. Using Adobe Illustrator in vector objects design
   3. Color theory

Computer literacy short courses:

   1. Introduction to ICT
   2. Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point

Statistical Software trainings:

   1. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
   2. Census and Survey Processing (CSPro)
   3. Stata
   4. MATLAB
   5. R programming and Python

Project Management short courses:

   1. Fundamentals of Project Management
   2. Project costing plan
   3. Planning for project risks, communication, and change control

Computer Programming short courses:

   1. Fundamentals of Computer Programming
   2. HTML and CSS selestors (advanced)
   3. Fundamentals of PHP
   4. MySQL
   5. PhpMyAdmin
   6. Search Engine Optimization
   7. Web Monetization